“The education of even a small child,
does not aim at preparing him for school, but for life.”

Maria Montessori


Our teachers are university graduates trained in the Montessori Method. They are experienced, enthusiastic, loving and patient towards the children.


Our educational program includes:

These help children acquire the skills necessary for becoming self sufficient.

Through these, children learn how to cooperate and behave with respect towards others, following specific rules.

We offer children an abundance of sensorial experiences in order to assist them in developing all their senses and learn through them.

Children are introduced to mathematics through sensorial experiences.

Our School is bilingual. Children learn how to use the Greek and English language correctly through specific activities, as well as how to read and write in both languages.

Music and Drawing are part of children’s everyday life. Children become familiar with the life and work of important composers and artists.

Children learn about the habits, customs, traditions and history of Greece as well as other countries, through very interesting and lively activities.

Children learn that the protection of nature and wildlife is important to us and our planet.

Cooking, gardening, physical education, Karl Orff system.

We regularly visit museums, attend musical and theatrical events, go out to places of natural beauty and places of special interest depending on curriculum during any given period of time.

Swimming lessons are offered by educators specialized in teaching preschool children and participation is optional.